Why should you use both TIA-942 and BICSI 002 when designing/maintaining your data center?

ANSI/TIA-942 and BICSI 002 complement each other to ensure the optimum resiliency, efficiency, reliability, uptime, and availability of the data center. BICSI 002 is a best practices supplement to the TIA data center design and other relevant standards of ANSI/TIA-942, such as 568-C. Both TIA and BICSI standards incorporate other standards that affect the data center nationally and internationally, including ISO/IEC 11801, IEEE, ASHRAE, NEC, and NFPA to address applications beyond the cabling infrastructure: physical construction, space planning, electrical power, cooling, building automation, monitoring security, redundancy, maintainability, and commissioning. By adhering to ANSI/TIA-942 standards and considering BICSI 002 recommendations and best practices, data center managers are assured that their standards-based data center is operating at maximum reliability and cost efficiency.