TIA officially begins work on physical network security standard

At its meeting held in early June, the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TR-42 Engineering Committee approved a project that ultimately will result in the publication of ANSI/TIA-5017, which is initially being titled “Telecommunications Physical Network Security Standard.”

TR-42.1 issued a call for interest for the project, at which time it explained, “This document covers the security of telecom cables, pathways, spaces and other elements of the physical infrastructure. It includes design guidelines, installation practices, administration and management. It addresses guidelines for new construction as well as renovation of existing buildings. The document also provides installation guidelines, for implementing security cabling systems for premise security systems with an integrated security approach. This standard will enable the planning and installation of physical network security systems that protect critical telecommunications infrastructure elements.”

The association is seeking participation in this project from stakeholders including building owners or agents, telecommunications designers and installers for customer-owned premises, facilities managers, security managers and others. Anyone interested in participating in the standard’s development can email Germaine Palangdao at standards@tiaonline.org.